The Manning Association

Incorporated in 1901 to Preserve the

Manning Manse of North Billerica, Massachusetts


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History of the Manning Association

An article, published in June 1913, mentioning several key figures in the early history of the Manning Manse.

Taken from a copy of "Billerica", held in collections at the New York Public Library, and digitized by Google Books.
The publication's masthead is reproduced at left. Note the key role played by Warren H. Manning

The text is reproduced below.


June 1913


The Manning Association will hold its 14th Annual Reunion at the Manse in North Billerica, Mass., June 17th.

The Manning Manse, whose history is known to all. was built in 1696, and has remained almost continuously in the hands of Manning descendants. It is now owned by the Manning Association, and is in excellent repair. During the last year, modern conveniences were put in, steam heat, bath room, etc., but all steam pipes have been so cleverly concealed that the cavernous fireplaces seem to be, as of old, the only means for heating. A fire service pipe has also been installed, with proper accessories, reducing fire hazards, which have heretofore menaced the Manse, to a minimum.

The Association owes a great deal to the custodian, Mr. Warren H. Manning, who has assumed the burden of these expenses until the Association has a self-sustaining surplus, which it hopes to accumulate soon.

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Manning are now living in the Manse as caretakers. Members of the family and visitors are always courteously received by them and shown the many articles of family and historic interest.

It is really a delightful holiday trip to attend the Manning Reunion, and it is earnestly hoped that everyone who claims relationship with the Manning Family will be present this year. Dinner will be served on the lawn at 12 M., as usual, but instead of hiring a caterer, as heretofore, a genuine New England housewife's prime dinner will be prepared and served by the women themselves. This feature, together with the joy of meeting old friends and making new ones, is sure to make the Reunion the largest and pleasantest we have ever had.

North Billerica is on the electric car line between Boston and Lowell, and can be reached by way of Lexington or Woburn on the trolley. Cars leaving Harvard Square or Sullivan Square make the trip in about two hours. Trains from North Station at 7.23 and 8.21 arrive at North Billerica in time for dinner.

Vehicles will meet all trains to convey members of the family to the Manse. Those coming by trolley should get off at North Billerica Post Office.

Bennett Hall, one of Billerica's fine old homesteads, has been recently opened as an Inn. Accommodations can be secured in advance by writing Mrs. M. H. Hubbard, Billerica. Mass. Rates here are from $2.00 to $3.00 a day.

It has been my pleasure to serve as President of the Manning Association for the past two years. I have made the acquaintance of many members, and it is a delight to meet both old and new acquaintances on our Reunion days. It is my personal wish to have the pleasure of greeting again, on June 17th, of this year, those whom I have met so delightfully in years past.